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Success Stories

TFEDI’s microfinance programme

Mariam started her own mobile beauty selling and managed to buy more stock

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TFEDI’s microfinance programme

Rosemary owns a beauty shop and succeeded to expand her shop

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TFEDI’s microfinance programme

Margaret owns a tailoring shop. With TFEDI  she purchase for her tailor-training school

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Micro-Finance services



TFEDI microfinance program aims at creating self-employment, in an economy in which unemployment is very high.

Currently, TFEDI provides two types of loan products.Depends on their experiences in TFEDI, members can access to the loan services which amount is 1,000-5,000Ksh and 5,000-40,000Ksh.

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Business seminars

TFEDI provides business seminar to our members to enhance their business.

The seminar facilitators train them on various aspects of business, like book keeping, marketing and customer service, managing credit and various other concerns.

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hiv/aids program

HIV / AIDS program

We are also trying to contribute toward the situation of HIV/AIDS since we have faced many cases of HIV/AIDS infected and affected through providing Micro-finance services.

By empowering the HIV/AIDS infected and affected financially, they will become self-sufficient and self-confident of themselves.



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