Tumaini Team

The Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International (TFEDI) or simply Tumaini Fund, is a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Nairobi, Kenya. It is set up in order to eradicate the widespread poverty in rural and urban areas of Africa, mainly through providing micro-finance products.

TFEDI commenced operating in Kenya in 2005, providing micro-finance for people who live in slum areas in Nairobi, Kenya. Since then, these activities have expanded, and TFEDI now has branches in Kenya and Tanzania for providing micro-finance products, business counseling, business training, and HIV/AIDS project.

TFEDI has over 1,500 members from whom nearly 200 active members have received loans since TFEDI started. They are successfully operating small enterprises both in rural and urban centers all over Kenya. TFEDI has been able to generate a larger amount of funds through revolving fund from its members.

In many areas of operation large numbers of the community are affected by HIV/AIDS. About 5% of our members are HIV positive. HIV positive adults often find it more difficult to secure sufficient income for their households, resulting in many orphans and vulnerable children.

Micro-finance clearly has a role to play in responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis as it contributes to strengthening the household safety net. The use of micro-loans and savings helps persons affected with HIV to become financially and socially empowered.

Although micro-finance cannot by itself change the face of HIV/AIDS, it can help ease the financial and other burdens of those who are infected. Therefore, TFEDI has extended its mandate to include these issues, which are now addressed in TFEDI’s HIV Program.


A society where all people are healthy and financially capable of providing their basic needs.


We empower small entrepreneurs by giving them access to financial and enterprise services.

Core value

    • Honesty
    • Transparency
    • Accountability
    • Gender equity
    • Focus on the poorest

Our Partners

    • Center for International Voluntary Services (CIVS): supporting TFEDI with the placement of International volunteers and management assistance.
    • A Global Healthcare Public Foundation (AGHPF): working on awareness and empowering those affected by HIV. TFEDI links our members to the Global Foundation’s activities.
    • Kenya Assemblies of God (KAG), Buruburu Department assists with our HIV program, distribution of food, and distribution of clothes among TFEDI members.