TFEDI strives to educate, equip and train its members through partnerships with like minded organizations and or individuals who also become our mentors. We are looking and ready to partner with organizations and or individuals who can walk with our member thus equipping them with necessary skills to manage their small and growing business.

Business Seminar

Our members are mainly owners of small scale business to make their lives. Majority of them do not have sophisticated business skill although they have enough experience or knowledge about what they deal with.

Therefore, we provide business seminars to our members partnering with other professional institution to enhance their life through success of their business.

Currently TFEDI partners Kenya Institute of Business Training (the Ministry of Trade) to run 2 or 3 days seminars. The seminar facilitators train our members on various aspects of business, like record keeping, marketing and customer service, managing credit and various other concerns.

For more information about business partnership and mentoring programs, please contact us through