david_karanjaPeople in the low level income face a myriad of challenges that affect them in many ways. Many of them are not able to cope with the high economic standards of life, health needs, educational needs of their children and shelter needs.

Due to this, they indulge in violence, drug, abuse, alcoholism, promiscuity among others. This eventually lead to desperate and hopeless lives.

I believe TFEDI is existing for the right course especially when we look at its objectives. This includes among others, the creation and enhancement of economic opportunities, creation of wealth through empowering people and the reduction of poverty by providing sustainable and high impact financial services to the poor.

In essence, TFEDI’s role and vision, therefore, is to see a society where children, youth, women and men are well taken care of and are capable supporting themselves in all spheres of life. It is my prayer that the objectives laid down will be met so that TFEDI becomes a blessing to many.

I also extend my request to anyone or any organization who wish to partner with us in this noble task to avail him/herself or itself in order to join hands with us to eradicate or reduce the menace of poverty.

David Karanja
Tumaini Fund (TFEDI) CEO