Tumaini Children

Glory Center School

The main goal is to support the Glory center school located in Kiambiu slums in Nairobi. The aim is to provide free education to over 100 children who hail from the surrounding informal dwellings.

It will also support them with other basic needs which will create a conducive learning environment.

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Kiambiu slums

Situation on the Ground

There are currently over 25,000 vulnerable children living in Nairobi informal dwellings who are out of school due to abject poverty. Their parents are either in financial or healthy crisis, therefore they can’t afford to feed their children properly and pay the school fees.

As a result, the vulnerable children are at risk of being exploited through child labor or lured into prostitution in exchange for money and might acquire HIV/AIDS through the already infected adults.

Glory center school Kiambiu slums

Our Solution

Glory center school is situated in the Kiambiu slums and most of the pupils are from the surrounding. The school feeding program was initiated to provide for the children who unfortunately during lunch break go home for lunch but may not find food on the table.

Unfortunately, their parents can in most cases parents in these slum area are unable to provide them with food as most of the families can’t afford a complete and healthy food for them.

This is why Tumaini tries to support the school and provide as much as possible food for lunch. For now we are able to bring them twice a month food for the 98 pupils and teachers, we hope we will be able to increase this rate very soon.

Glory center school food program

Food Program

The main objective of this project is to provide children from Kiambiu slums in Nairobi with good and free education, as the first step to going out from rough poverty.

We started to support the Glory Center School in 2015 with 4 different programs created to provide a conducive learning environment for the pupils. Our activities focus on supporting the school with: school stationery, food, uniforms and health program.

The school currently has 98 pupils aged between 3 to 10 years coming from the surrounding slums. This school is entirely funded by the pupils’ parents together with the support from the Tumaini NGO through local and international donors.

Currently the school has 3 full time teachers and all the resources (books, pen, desk, board, etc) are paid by the fund raising we manage to get.

Glory Centre School Children Vaccination program

Health program

Tumaini invite every year professionals from government and partners, we organize with them vaccination campaign as the pupil’s family are not able to afford those services.

Until now we successfully managed to vaccinate all of our pupils.

Glory center school pupil

Uniform Program

Tumaini contributes to raise money to provide uniforms for all the pupils as much as possible as some are orphans while for others their families are barely able to afford proper clothes to them.

Currently we have successfully managed to provide uniforms for the half of the children in the school with the other half still wear home clothes.

Glory Centre School Stationary project

School Stationery

Tumaini helps the school to provide for every pupils enough stationery such as books, notebook and pencil but also furniture such as table , chairs, board etc.

Glory Centre School feeding program

Recent focus intervention

In the recent past, Tumaini team has been involved in different activities and  supplying.

In our last intervention; the project leader Pastor David Karanja and 3 volunteers of Tumaini (Catherine, Antony and Alice) provided a meal comprising of chapatis (local pan made bread) and cooked beans for the school children.

The Children were really happy to see Pastor Karanja and his team. The team was received with lots of joy, and  thanked for the lunch donation which put smiles on their faces.

Tumaini Children in Kiambiu in Kiambiu

Potential Long-term Impact

If we manage to fully support Glory Centre ,we aspire to fund more schools in order to support even more vulnerable children. Through good education they will have a breakthrough to a better and sustainable life.