Tumaini HIV / AIDS Program

HIV Project

We also try to contribute toward the situation of HIV/AIDS, although TFEDI is an organization which focuses on the financial services.

Approximately, 5-7% of our members have been related with HIV/AIDS such as infected/affected, caring orphans. For those members, we provide special care through collaborating with other organizations and institutions.

Medical care

Nairobi women hospital is one of the partners of the HIV/AIDS program. Our members can be given medicine for HIV/AIDS and even treatment for the various symptoms of HIV/AIDS from the hospital.

Feeding program

Feeding is a one program to boost HIV/AIDS positives on their food requirements. Twice a year, we provide foods for the HIV/AIDS infected, assisted by KAG church. This goes hand in hand with feeding of children at Mathare Children Development Centre (MCDC) where lunch and snack (porridge) is provided week days.

World AIDS Day

We have also been involved in event organized by A Global Healthcare Public Foundation (AGHPF) in 2009. AGHPF The event, which is called World AIDS Day Night-A-Thon, lets as many people as possible be aware of situations of HIV/AIDS.

The event attracted over 15,000 people and was completed successfully. In the event, people have been provided with counseling and testing, distribution of educational materials and so on. TFEDI have contributed to the event as one of its partners.