Parkview orphans achievers shelter is a school located in Tuala township, Kajiado county. The Primary School has 250 pupils from Baby class to Class 6. Most of them are orphans, Hiv positive therefore we offers counseling and psycho-social for HIV and AIDS orphans.

We also offer formal and informal education for the orphans and also equipping them with basic necessities so that they can enjoy their life like the ordinary children.

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Quite a number of  children in this area are out of school due to  poverty and most of them are orphans and their guidance are either in financial or healthy crisis, therefore they can’t afford to feed the children properly and pay the school fees. As a result, the vulnerable children are at risk of being exploited through child labour or engage into prostitution in exchange for money.


We partner with the community and well-wishers who would wish to join us in providing a better life for these innocent souls guided by the love of God, we are obliged to offer those orphans a better life in accordance with the international children rights for eradication of poverty in the community.


Education is the long-term solution to breaking the cycle of poverty and through your support, we will have equipped them with knowledge and skills to better their lives.