Let’s build a rehabiltation center for ex-convicts

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The founder of Tumaini Fund, David Karanja has dedicated his life mission to ministering to Prisons around the country . He has seen many give their lives to Christ and leave their old habits. He has been this successful with his missions as he uses his personal testimony as an example of God’s deliverance and workmanship. However, over the years he got concerned of where the prisoners go to after having served their jail term.

The problem 

It is no secret that the rate of recursion in Kenya is high .This is due to the fact that ex convicts are stigmatized by society and the only people who accept them is their old crew and as result they  slowing get back to crime. Which makes it all in vain as the cycle continues.

The solution

This is why with your help we are aiming to build a rehabilitation center with a capacity of 40. This will help build a safe community for the ex convicts and mostly importantly a home. They will stay for a period of 3 months where we get to counsel them and let them heal from any traumatic experience they might have encountered while serving their jail term. We’ll also train them on technical skills e.g. beauty, tailoring, mechanics, carpentry, soap and yoghurt making among others. We’ll also give them capital to start their business and help them transition back to society. By visiting their families with them and doing regular monthly check -ups to see how they are fairing on.

Our progress

Donation of sanitary products and other essential items in a recent prison visit.

During our regular mission we minister to give them hope during their jail term and distribute basic necessities e.g. sanitary towels, tissue, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrush to improve their hygiene situation. We also get a chance to do a guidance and counselling section with them. We are able to do this with the help from our partners CFF Church, Umoja under Senior Pastor John Blessed and other well wishers. We do have land in Subukia, Nakuru County dedicated for this purpose and with your help we can start building and make this reality.


Let’s join hands and make this happen and remember Prisoners are people to and everyone deserves a second chance, you can

donate to our project by clicking the image below.