K.A.G Siaka School for the Blind and deaf is a boarding school located in Bungoma County in the western region of Kenya. Our goal is to support over 20 deaf and blind special children by funding their special education needs and offer them a safe and happy haven.

Tumaini Fund Siaka school for special children

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Through your help we will be able to provide them with special stationery like brailles or sign language books, beds and other basic needs. Therefore those lovely children will have a conducive environment to study which will promote good results. They will not feel stigmatized when they grow up and will find a proper place in the society.

Disability is not inability!

Why Siaka?

Tumainin Fund Siaka Children

Siaka school is a special school for the deaf and blind children. With most of these pupils are orphans and some were abandoned by their parents because of their disability or they just could not afford to cater for their special needs.

This prompted the local KAG church and the community to take action and open this center in 2014. This was with the aim to make the life of the children better and give them hope of a future. The school supports both boys and girls from the local surrounding of different ages.

The school today

Siaka school for special children

Siaka School is currently the only center available in the community and have so far received 21 deaf and blind children aged 5-18 years.

The school follows a regular curriculum, additional Braille, orientation and mobility lessons.It operates under the jurisdiction of the ministry of education being one of the seventh special schools in the public. It provide education geared towards development of child’s mental capabilities and physical growth.

Mathematics and sciences are still a problem to the visually impaired. However, they excel in English, Kiswahili and Social Studies. The children also enjoy other activities, such as football, music and painting.

The challenges of Siaka

Siaka Chidren Homes Local Volunteers
Siaka Chidren Homes Local Volunteers

The school is run 100% by local volunteers (teachers, cooks, child care-taker, etc.) and funded by local well wishers and international donors. Through this, the school management is able to provide basics needs such as food, shelter, hygienic products, clothing and medical attention.

Due to financial challenges and constrains, the school is in dare need of braille books, stylers, sign language books etc. Scarcity of the learning materials slows down the teachers and the lessons. The school still under construction, it lacks Electricity, adequate dormitories and classrooms. This also constrains the current boarding facilities thus unable to provide with decent accommodation (currently they sleep three per bed!).

Philosophy of Siaka school.

Sign language lesson in session
Sign language lesson in session

KAG Siaka special school believes these sensory impaired pupils can do everything except to see or hear.

Through education they will not feel stigmatized when they grow up, they will learn that disability is not inability in the society and they can do much thanks to education.

Through this they can contribute much in the society by farming, teaching, etc.