Do you have spare time, want to be useful and make a difference to a local community? Are you interested in our objectives, open minded and hard worker?

We can’t wait to meet you and collaborate with you!

Tumaini TFEDI welcomes any help from local and international volunteers. No matter what your background is, you can be part of our team as long as you have passion to contribute to the organization and improve African peoples’ well-being and happiness.

With the knowledge and skills you bring to us you will make a difference in our activities and give the less-fortunate opportunities to become self-sufficient.

Our 3 current volunteering opportunities are:-

Tumaini Volunteer Team

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY 1: Micro-finance and Women empowering program at the TFEDI office

Objective: To run and improve the daily work at the NGO office

Location: Eastlands, Buruburu Phase 2, Nairobi, Kenya

Duration: Minimum 2 months (6 months would be perfect)

Accommodation: Provided by a host family in the neighborhood.

Description: TFEDI is currently 100% run by volunteers, we need hands and brains to drive 4 main sectors:

    1. Running our microfinance activities (follow up and train our members, book keeping, database, etc.)
    2. Launching new project or activity
    3. Fundraising, finding new partners and marketing the NGO on social networks (eg. Facebook, twitter, global giving, etc.)
    4. Training the current local volunteers in any useful skill to improve the NGO efficiency (eg. Accounting,Management, Computer tools etc.)

We are an NGO and welcome volunteers with any of these skills:

      • Education
      • Finance management
      • Accounting
      • Marketing
      • Social sciences
      • Business management
      • Organization and management
      • Project launching and running
      • Teaching skill
      • Video shooting and making
      • Website updating
      • Computer skills (e.g. Ms Office, Computer Science, IT, Networks)
      •  Other ideas and proposals from volunteers are also welcome

The volunteers work in a relaxed and multicultural atmosphere, and Kenya is such a great country to live in and doing tourism. However we need serious, motivated and flexible volunteer as we have lots of work to improve our activities for empowering our members.

If you are available and recognize yourself in this profile we will be glad to hear from you!

Carry your own laptop and or other computing devices for your use would be most appreciated as we lack of enough computers.

Siaka School for Special Children

OPPORTUNITY 2: School Caretaker for blind and deaf pupils in Siaka

Objective: support and improve the daily routine in a boarding school for blind and deaf

Location: Siaka, Bungoma County, Western Kenya

Duration: Minimum 2 months (6 months would be perfect)

Accommodation: A local host family

Description: The school is currently 100% run by local volunteers, we need hands and brains to give lessons to the children (braille writing and reading, sign language, Mathematics, English, educational sport, etc.) and take care of the 17 children.

The pupils are mostly orphans and disables and have special need which motivated the local community to make this special school. You can make a huge difference in their daily routine if you are willing to help in these following topics:

    • School running and management
    • Teaching
    • Sport
    • Farming in the kitchen garden
    • Cooking
    • Care taking
    • Artcraft
    • Other ideas and proposals from volunteers are also welcome

The school is located in a remote western part of Kenya and there the living conditions are basics (without running water nor wifi). So we need open minded and flexible person, but we can ensure you will experiment tremendous human experiences and make unforgettable bounds with our lovely special children and the local community.

If you have abilities or a background specialized in deaf and blind disabilities or you are just passionate about children with special needs we will be glad to hear from you!

Coming with special stationery (as book braille) or anything to improve their livelihood a bit would be most appreciated.

Tumaini Children in Kiambiu in Kiambiu

OPPORTUNITY 3: School Caretaker at Glory Centre in Kiambiu

Objective: Support and improve the daily teaching in a tiny school located in one of the Nairobi slums

Location: Kiambiu slums, Nairobi, Kenya

Duration: Minimum 1 month

Accommodation:  A local host family in Buruburu phase 2 (walking distance from the Tumaini office)

Description: The school is currently over crowded and we lack personnel to decently take care and teach the children. We need hands and brains to give lessons to the children (Mathematics, English, History, educational sport, artcraft, etc)

If you have abilities or a background specialized in teaching, education or you are just passionate about young children we will be glad to hear from you!

Terms and Conditions

Requirement before applying:

    • 18 years old or above
    • An open mind – the most important thing for a volunteer
    • Autonomy, team spirit and the creativity to come up with suitable and adequate ideas and proposals
    • Strong motivation for voluntary work

Additional requirement for foreigners include:-

    • Valid Visa
    • Updated vaccination
    • Own traveling and medical insurance
    • The flexibility to settle down and to start working in a foreign society and culture
    • Willing to make an effort to understand and respect the cultures of both your host and the other volunteers
    • Adapt to simple living conditions and accommodation

The Volunteering Program includes:

    • Nairobi orientation
    • Training and practical skills
    • Airport picking (if possible, volunteers are kindly asked to choose their arrival time between 7 am and 9 pm, Monday to Saturday)
    • Recommendation letter at the end of the volunteering if the collaboration was a success
    • We can also advice and help you to organize affordable trips around Kenya


We recommend a minimum period of 2 months. Between 4 and 6 month (or more) is a good duration to really make a difference.

Financial participation for international volunteers:

TFEDI considers volunteers as our partners who help us work towards and achieve our objectives. TEFDI wants to make the volunteer’s contributions as transparent as possible.

The volunteers are required to pay a fee of $150/month to the Hosting Family and $50/month for supporting the NGO activities. All of the amount are payable in cash in Kenyan Shillings or by dollar through Paypal.

Host family fee includes: Accommodation, 2 meals/day, electricity, water, and gas bills. The room provided may be shared with another volunteer or host family member, but all volunteers will be provided with their own bed.

Airport pick up fee includes collection from the airport to the hosting family home in a taxi or designated transport.

All Fees payable are exclusive of Flight to Kenya, insurance, medical insurance, personal travel expenses, visa fees, communication expenses, leisure expenses, transportation to and from the office, weekday lunches, and the cost of trips to TFEDI office trips outside Nairobi.

Living Conditions and Cultures in Kenya


Health issues are one of the most important things you need to know about Kenya. In Kenya, stomach infection that is caused by unsafe water is one of the most problems for visitors and volunteers. To avoid the problem, you make sure that you always have safe drinking water and you never drink water unless you know exactly that the water is boiled thoroughly, bottled drinking water, or purified water.

Malaria may be also one of your concerns about Kenya. In the big cities including Nairobi, Malaria is not considered threat. However, elsewhere you usually have to make sure to take precautions. To avoid from malaria, you should always wear long sleeves in the evening and use mosquito spray in order to keep safe from mosquitoes as well as bringing a malaria prophylaxis.


Security in Kenya is that you need to know. Much of the crime in Kenya concentrates in the urban badlands around Nairobi, but you can avoid the crimes with some simple safety instructions.

Kindly observe the following:-

    • avoid deserted parks, empty streets and back alleys
    • avoid carrying large amount of money or valuables
    • ask a security guard, not just any helpful person
    • call an uber or call a taxi between 8pm and 6am if you are alone instead of public transportation


When you are in Kenya, you probably experience some culture shocks. It is good for you to know and prepare for some cultures before you come here. Kenyans do not usually show their disappointment or dissatisfaction directly. Direct criticism is often perceived as rude and offensive in Kenya. Therefore, you need to choose your words to show your dissatisfaction in an indirect way that you do not offend anyone.

As another point, you may feel that you are not appreciated for your voluntary work because people around you may not explicitly show appreciations by saying thanks. Try to respect the people around you and take the cultural differences to show appreciation into account, and try to think that even if people do not explicitly display their gratitude, they are grateful for your contribution inside.

More information about living conditions and cultures will be provided in the orientation period.


For more information or if you want to apply please contact us at: info[at]

We kindly request that all applications are submitted at least one month in advance of the desired starting date.